Badge Printer FAQ

Every organization has different ID Card Printer needs. Doing some research & asking the right questions will help you find the right ID Card Printer to meet your special requirements.

Our ID Card Printer FAQ’s will assist you to find the correct printer.

How many ID cards will I be printing each week/month?

Almost any ID Card Printer can easily cope with printing less than 500 ID cards per month. Check with your ID Card Printer dealer to see which printers will suit the volume of ID Cards you need to print.

Do I need a color ID Card Printer?

A color ID card printer is usually required if a photo is on the ID card? The Evolis Primacy is a good choice for a full color ID Card Printer. Monochrome ID Card Printers will meet the application needs for Loyalty & other membership cards.

Do all ID Card Printer manufacturers have a full range of monochrome ribbons?

Monochrome ribbons are available in many colors, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Gold & Silver. Not all monochrome color ribbons are available from each manufacturer. Ask your ID card dealer about the supplies for the printers you are considering.

Do we need a 1 or 2 sided ID Card Printer?

A 2 sided ID Card Printer will simplify the printing of a 2 sided ID Card. If you only need fixed information on the back of the ID cards a 1 sided ID Card printer will work well for you. Want the best price/performance in a 2 sided ID Card Printer, The Evolis Primacy may be the one for you.

Do you need to encode a Magnetic Stripe or a chip on the ID card?

Several ID Card Printers are available with Magnetic Stripe Encoders. These encoders must be ordered when the printer is purchased as they cannot be installed later. Smart Chip encoders are available from some manufacturers, and may be installed in the field.

What additional security options are available?

Security options offered by Magicard ID Card Printers include a removable MagiCard HoloKote Ultra Secure Key to enable Holographic type printing on the clear overlay panel. The card can be ordered with your custom graphic. Other ID card Printer manufacturers offer Holographic image overlay ribbons that provide additional durability as well as security features. What ID Card Printers are recommended for printing contact chip smart cards and contactless smart chip cards?

ID Cards with contact & embedded chips ideally need high end re-transfer printers to overcome the surface imperfections common on these ID card types. The DNP CX 330 Re-Transfer printer from DNP is a perfect solution for this specific application.

How much does it cost to print a full color PVC ID Card?

Cost of supplies to print a full color PVC ID Card varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so this is always a question that should be asked. Ribbon costs to print a full color PVC ID Card run from about $0.34c for Evolis Pebble & Dualys to $0.47 for a Fargo DTC 500 series ID Card Printer. Costs on other ID Card Printers may run higher.

Are there special Warranty features to look out for?

Yes, the most expensive replacement part on an ID Card Printer is the Ceramic Printhead. They run anywhere from $500-$700. The printhead is very delicate and should be cleaned with a special cleaning pen each time a ribbon is replaced. Some companies offer a “No Questions” asked replacement in the warranty. You should seriously consider this warranty feature as this as very important when choosing your next ID Card Printer