Badge Reel FAQ

Q. Badge Reel FAQ Why use a badge reel?

A. A badge reel, or retractable badge reel offers the greatest placement flexibility for anyone who has the need to display their ID card during business hours.

Q. What are the advantages of a badge reel over other alternatives?

A. The advantages of a badge reel over a strap clip or lanyard are that you can swipe the card through a reader or touch it to the reader without removing it from the attachment or holder. One has a much smaller risk of losing the card.

Q.What attachments can a badge reel be used with?

A. A badge reel can be used together with a lanyard, strap clip or badge holder to meet everyone’s needs.

Q.What cord length on the badge reel should you look for?

A. Badge reels cord length’s are from 15” to 36”. Unless the badge reel is used with a lanyard, a 15” cord length is too short to be useful. Look for a badge reel with a 36” cord length that will meet everyone’s needs. These longer length badge reels can be found at the same price as those with a short cord.

Q. What rear attachment options are available with badge reels?

A. Badge reels are available with belt slide clip for over a belt or pocket, a swivel bulldog clip or alligator clip. Other badge reels have a metal loop for attachment to a strap clip or lanyard. No all badge reels are available with all of these options, so check with your vendor.

Q. Can the badge reel be customized?

A. Most badge reels can be customized, and the size available ranges from ¾” diameter to over 1” diameter. The custom print can be in the form of a printed label, a clear epoxy “dome“ label or printing directly on to the badge reel.

Q. What shapes are badge reels available?

A. Badge reels are available round, square, teardrop, oval, triangle, Star, heart & custom shapes, so check with your vendor.