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In most organizations today, visitor data is still captured using pen and paper. CardFocus VisitorBook, captures all relevant visitor details electronically in a secure database, including a photo of the visitor, contact details and the name of the person being visited. Business cards may be electronically scanned, signatures and fingerprints can be captured. In very little time, a new visitor is processed, issued with a visitor identification card and checked in.

VisitorBook software includes many of the features of the CardFocus suite and adds critical functionality for visitor management, including:

  • Unique new graphical user interface that is ergonomically designed to provide maximum ease-of-use.
  • Visitor database base tailored specially for capturing and securely storing valuable visitor data.
  • Pre-register visitors – using a web-based pre-registration facility.
  • Managing employee visits - maintaining employee records and issuing employee photo ID cards. n
  • Send announcement e-mails of visitor’s arrival to the person visited, departure, need for assistance, etc.
  • Flag visitors denied entry with alarms to signal entry attempts by excluded visitors.
  • Visitor Gate to monitor visitors checking in and out, permitting real-time photo verification.
  • Advanced features– visitor pass encoding with magnetic stripes, barcodes and smart chip programming.
  • Network support – an unlimited number of PCs running CardFocus VisitorBook can easily be networked over a common LAN to share access to the visitor database.

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