Lobby Track Standard -Time & Attendance

Lobby Track Standard -Time & Attendance
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Lobby Track -Time & Attendance
Innovative Visitor Management Software
Lobby Track is a new secure tracking, access control, and visitor management software system. This innovative new technology allows organizations to track employees and equipment with detailed activity logs by individual or groups, provides access control in conjunction with entry systems and provides visitor management functionality, including data entry, badge design, and badge printing. Unique to this system is the capability to directly interface with the customers existing database in real-time.

The Lobby Track Advantage

Images and other visitor information is displayed at check-in. Photo IDs can be scanned and automatically added to the database. Visitors can be verified, logged and badges printed quickly and reliably. Alerts and Messages Alerts and messages can be set to appear at the time of check-in. Instructions are provided to the attendant regarding the course of action to be taken, should an alert occur. Watch lists can be created and historical data is easily accessed. Messages can be passed along at the time of entry.

Access Control
Date, time and location are checked against access rules. The check-in process can be set to auto mode for kiosks or manual for secure locations.

Time and Attendance
Details of each check-in and check-out are logged. Logs can be printed or exported and are easily accessible by other internal systems such as the payroll system.

Visitor and Equipment Tracking
Track both visitors and equipment entering and exiting a facility. Equipment tags can be custom designed and quickly produced. Return events are automatically scheduled during check-out. Notifications occur if equipment is not returned by the scheduled time.

Professional Card and Badge Design
Design professional photo ID cards and visitor badges using an integrated version of Jolly Technologies card design suite, ID Flow.

All Lobby Track versions support Access, Excel, Text File, dBASE & FoxPro database types
Corporate & Enterprise editions support ODBC & OLE DB connections for databases like SQL, Oracle & Sybase.
Enterprise editions have an equipment tracking feature for employees & visitors